Aug 26, 2015

After Labor Day Virtual Clean Eating and Exercise Health Challenge

It has been many months since I have posted to this blog, it looks like the last post was in September of last year! 

This is because I became completely distracted by a terminal brain tumor diagnosis for my precious disabled brother for whom I shared guardianship. That started October 1st, and then November 1st my husband had another heart attack.

Thankfully, my husband got to the hospital in time and his life was saved, the doctor told us it was a complete blockage that would have taken his life had we not acted quickly.

As for my brother, he went home to Heaven June 29th, and since that time my broken heart has been healing and I have been trying to get back into the things I enjoy doing again.

I want to introduce you to my daughter who is a leader in the challenge shown in the image above. If you are interested, please visit her Facebook page to see her before and after pictures and message her - . Anyone can join in and learn more about clean eating and exercise with accountability. I have been doing the challenges and love them!

Sep 1, 2014

A Page about Textured Vegetable Protein Has Been Added

I am in the process of slowly moving some food, health and nutrition pages and articles, originally written by me, from a site that is closing to this blog.

This is a process because first it must be removed from the former site, and then deactivated with Google, then added here. Deactivating assures me that I have not doubled up on content, as duplicate content is a big no-no with the search engines.

It's an eye-opening experience to search for content from your writings to see if there is duplicate content out there, I have found that quite often my posts have been copied either manually or through using programs that do such dishonest things, not in the case of the particular page I added today, but other articles.

All posts on this blog are my original content, and are not to be copied.

Moving on to a positive note, I have added a page called "How to Make Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) Vegetarian Meat Substitute". I hope that this and other pages that will be added in the future will be helpful to you, and I hope you are enjoying the Labor Day Weekend.

Aug 12, 2014

What to Do with Jalapeno Peppers from your Container Garden

This year I grew my vegetables in containers, some did very well, others, well, lets just say that next year is another year. Among the vegetables that did well were the Jalapeno peppers. I grew them because my husband loves them, but I really don't know much about preparing them. I do write elsewhere, and posted my quandary, and received many helpful replies, so if you are wondering how to use your peppers, I invite you to visit "I Don't Know What to Do with All of These Jalapenos". I shared that I was at a loss for ideas, and wow, did I get a lot of helpful comments.

If you have ideas to share, feel free to share them in the comment section below. Comments are moderated, but will be approved quickly.