Apr 2, 2006

Mom, Cancer & Paw Paw

About 21 years ago, a little after Mother's Day I was just leaving a retreat for women, and received a call that my Mom had been rushed to the hospital in pain. Her blood work was terrible, liver swollen, lungs holding fluid, and more, and to make a long story short, within 24 hours she was diagnosed with acute leukemia. For weeks she was in the hospital, and for some time after received treatment for this cancer, but the ending of our story is a happy one. She went into a complete remission, and is still with us today, thanks to good care from her doctors, and answers to many prayers.

I am sure that there is not a single person reading this that has not in some way been touched by cancer, if not personally, than by knowing someone with this disease.

I do not have any quick or magic cures to offer you, but I do have something to tell you about that has been helpful. First, know that I am not a doctor, and that I focus on things from the perspective of nutrition. I also believe God answers the prayers of those who put their faith and trust in the One true God, our creator, who knows more about our bodies than we ever could.

Among the many plants that God has given us that benefit our health, He has provided a wonderful plant called Paw Paw. Paw paw contains properties that deprive cancer cells of the energy they need to grow and reproduce, and unlike chemotherapy, it does this without harming healthy cells. This is not just another "magic bullet", it is something that has been studied for many years.

Paw paw contains compounds called "annonaceous acetogenins" that, in layman's terms, "convince" cells to self-destruct.

When you use Paw paw, it has to be used correctly, there are herbs and supplements you should avoid while using it, and if you are already in treatment, that has to be taken into consideration. I do have a lot more information, including more scientific explanations, about this wonderful herb that I can send to you by email...the information is in pdf format, opened by Adobe which most computers have.
Please contact me using the comment section below, (I approve all comments and will not approve one that contains a private request) for this information, and for fact sheets on the items marked in red.

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