Apr 22, 2006

Sugar, Blood, Oxygen & the Brain

Most Nutritionists will tell you that you have to cut sugar from your diet. But the brain needs sugar more than any other organ in the body as an energy source.

The KIND of sugar is what is important, you want to reduce the refined, white sugars, and get your energy from complex carbohydrates like grains, nuts, and natural sources so that it goes into the blood more slowly without the drastic sugar highs and lows...lows that can cause mental confusion, irritability, inability to concentrate and even unusual behavior.

Your brain also needs a good oxygen supply..oxygen is carried to the brain by circulating blood...the red blood cells being the carriers. If you sit around and are not active, blood circulation slows, and you may become lethargic and groggy, but if you get up and take a brisk walk or do some moderate exercise, you feel energized and alert because the blood is now circulating more quickly and carrying oxygen to the brain.

Along with lack of exercise, many don't get enough blood oxygen to the brain because they MAY have atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries, which is simply a narrowing of the arteries because of build up of plaque. This decreases the flow of blood, but can greatly increase the possibility of suffering a stroke.

MegaChel is a great product that has vitamins and nutrients that help the body to break down plaque in the arteries through a process called "oral chelation".

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