Aug 5, 2006

Fleas, Ticks & Yorkshire Terriers ~ My Yorkie

It's been quite a couple of weeks! My Yorkie, Aspen, has been recovering from what turned out to be a bad allergic reaction to bites.

She was bitten about 2 weeks ago, but I wasn't aware of it. She had her Frontline on, so I thought she was fine. I noticed her biting at something, but what dog doesn't do that now and then? But it didn't let up, so I took a look and found 2 large sores, both appeared to be from bites.

I used salves to heal and keep infection away, for a while she seemed to be fine, then had a very bad flare-up and fever that came on in a day, so off to the animal hospital we went!

Long story short, it took about a week for her to recover, the Animal Hospital suggested getting allergy testing done, but she is better now, and for the time being we're going to go with what we were told a few years back...she is very allergic to whatever it is that a flea or tick leaves behind when they bite.

Feel free to comment if you have any thoughts or suggestions!

At this update while reviewing this blog in 2016, Aspen crossed the rainbow bridge 2 1/2 years ago. The opportunity arose to take in a Pomeranian that was going to be abandoned, and we did! She is picture here, and her name is Happy, Happy the Pom.

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