Jun 23, 2007

My Husband's Heart Attack Part 1

One week ago tonight, my dear husband suffered a heart attack.

It all started on Thursday, June 14th when he complained of heartburn. He hardly ever mentioned having heartburn, but had been to a picnic the day before, and eaten a lot of unusual foods, so it seemed possible. Friday he went to work as usual, and came home mentioning that he still felt an occasional burning feeling, and had been taking a lot of antacids. I was standing at the sink cutting up our salad, and thought of my friend's father who, years ago, asked over and over for antacids, and suddenly died of a heart attack in the car with his wife. But Paul said that the antacids seemed to help, so I just kept that thought in the back of my mind, and prayed that the Lord would make it clear in time if this was something more.

Saturday came, and we were together all day, shopped together, and did other things. I noticed he wasn't quite himself, but couldn't put my finger on why, then he mentioned that heartburn again. I was getting concerned at this point, but we were occupied with a project, and he seemed to be doing okay. I kept asking if he was okay, whether he noticed any other symptoms, where exactly was the burning, he said right under his breastbone, no pressure, no real pain, just a burning feeling.

That evening he went to bed before me, he being a morning person, and I the night owl, and just as I am now, I was spending some time on my laptop. At about 12 am he came out and seemed agitated, went into the bathroom, then to his office, didn't say a thing to me (only later did he tell me he was searching for symptoms of heart attack on the web). He went back to bed, then at about 1:30, he came out and said "honey, I hate to say it, but my hands are getting numb, especially my left, it hurts a bit, I think I'm going to drive myself to the hospital". I was suddenly full of fear, then just as suddenly realized I needed to be strong and had the strength of the Lord within me by His Spirit, and said, no, you are not driving, I will.

So we went to the hospital...and tests were done, all were normal except the blood test, and he was admitted. I drove home and got to bed at about 4:30 AM, got a couple hours of sleep, and couldn't sleep any more thinking about the implications.

Father's day dawned sunny and bright, and my son, daughter and her husband all joined us at Paul's bedside to honor him for Father's Day. Paul was in great spirits the whole time.

There is more to the story...and more of the story still to happen, but I have to stop now.  

Updated 2/4/16

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  1. Claudia,

    I'm so sorry to hear your Paul has suffered a heart attack! I had no idea as I haven't had any time in the last couple of weeks to visit WIN.

    I came by to tag you and discovered your post about his heart attack. Forget the Tag!! No time to concern yourself with that stuff.

    Please know that I'm keeping Paul, you, and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

    I'll check your blog for updates.


  2. Thanks, Angela...I'll be posting an update later. I hear your hubby's Mom passed, so (((HUGS))) and prayers back to you and your family.

    Claudia :-)