Jun 30, 2007

My Husband's Heart Attack ~ Part 2

After a nice day on Father's Day, (yes, it was nice, even in the hospital because Paul wasn't letting this get him down), I went home, and Paul called that evening. He said he was really suffering bad headaches because they were putting a nitro patch on his upper arm. He asked if they could please just skip a patch, as the headache was so bad, and it was then that the nurse whispered that though she wasn't supposed to tell him, she was "unofficially" telling him that based on his bloodwork, he'd had a heart attack, and that he needed the patch. They did give him some tylenold which helped a bit.

The next morning, he had been scheduled for a stress test, but since the blood enzymes showed there had been a heart attack, they decided instead to do an echocardiogram. Then the next thing we knew, he was being scheduled to move to another hospital for a heart catheterization. We were feeling pretty optomistic at this point, because the electrocardiogram wasn't showing any irregularities that would indicate heart damage, and they didn't say much negative about the echocardiogram. We did have some surprises ahead of us.

Paul was moved by ambulance on Monday, I followed the ambulance in my little Cabrio, and made sure he was settled into his new room. Then came home to get some rest, and be ready for the next day. And that's were I'll stop for now, come back soon for Part 3. Oh, by the way, Paul is doing well so far, we have another procedure to go, but more on that later.

Updated 2/4/16

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  1. Dear Claudia,

    I hope to read part 3 soon and that he will be home and well. I have missed so many posts on Ryze... too many hours with the little ones ;-)


  2. Hi Dear Friend Yvonne,

    Part 3 has been posted...I hope you will stop by soon!

    God bless,
    Claudia @ http://happynutritionist.com