Jul 3, 2007

Kombucha, a Healthy Fermented Tea

Years ago, I enjoyed a wonderful, easy to brew, fermented tea drink called Kombucha. I missed it so much, that I recently purchased a starter "shroom" and am on my second week of brewing, and drinking this delightful drink.

Kombucha is a popular health tonic. All you need is a starter that Kombucha lovers call a "mushroom". It isn't really a mushroom at all, but a "symbiotic culture of yeast and other microorganisms" according the Kombucha authority, Gunther Frank...his site has a wealth of information on Kombucha.

I have brewed Kombucha a number of times, and wrote a very detailed page on the brewing of Kombucha Tea at this link, but basically, here is what you do:

You will need per brew:

  • Approx. 1 Gallon Water 
  • 10-12 Tea Bags, Black Tea & Green are preferred. I've done it with both 
  • 1 cup sugar\
  • Stainless Steel or glass pot large enough to hold water (no other metal!) 
  • Use only plastic or wood utensils, no metal

Preparing the Brew:

  • Boil water for 5 - 10 minutes 
  • Add tea bags and brew for 1/2 hour 
  • Remove tea bags, cover pan, and cool overnight, or by putting closed pan in a sink of cold water. 
  • When room temperature, pour into a very clean, large glass jar, like a large pickle jar...fill to top of widest part of jar for largest air surface area. 
  • Lay your culture on top, with about 1/4 cup of Kombucha or white vinegar 
  • Put a coffee filter over the top, seal with a rubber band, fruit flies love the brew, but it needs air to ferment. 
  • Put on a shelf with subdued light, where there is little air movement, and temperature is 70+ degrees 
  • Let it ferment for about 7 days 
  • Strain through cheese cloth...or a very clean or new knee high stocking pulled over the top after removing the coffee filter.

As it is fermenting, a new starter will grow on top of the liquid, even if your starter decides to sink to the bottom. Or sometimes the new will grow attached to the older starter. When your done, you'll have a starter for your next brew, and one to give away or double up your amount.

Updated 2/4/16

Start out by drinking only about 1/4 cup a day, split between the morning and evening. If you have no detox symptoms, you may want to increase the amount. People have been known to drink 1-3 cups a day.


  1. Oh my gosh.. I haven't seen anything about Kombucha for quite a while now. I used to drink it and grow my own cultures. Then it got to be difficult to give away the cultures and I HATED to throw them away! I have forgotten about the health benefits of drinking it. What are they? I need a refresher.


  2. Hi Arlene!

    Yes, once you have purchased a starter, you are good to go from then on if you keep making the Kombucha, and that small investment at the beginning (I just had to purchase my new starter about a month ago) can go a long way in give-aways :-)

    There is a link on the post to a site with loads of health information.

    Thanks for writing, and sorry for the delay.

    Claudia @ http://happynutritionist.com