Jul 14, 2007

My Husband's Heart Attack Story Part 3

The most recent event had me a bit upset...this past Thursday we had a scheduled date for my husband's 2nd stent procedure...we were to be at the hospital by 11 am, the procedure was to be at 1 pm. Then he was to stay overnight so they could observe, and keep pressure on the place in the groin where they go in with the catheter, little camera, and up to the artery in the heart that needs to be opened with a stent. We're really anxious to have this done, because the artery is 70+% blocked. Yes, that isn't as bad as the one they did after Father's Day weekend that was 100% blocked...but still.

So we're all ready to go out the door in 15 minutes, and the phone rings...it's the doctors office saying they have to postpone his surgery because there has been some kind of emergency. My cynical side, a side of me that is getting increasingly bad and really needs an adjustment, wondered, hmm, is there really an emergency or does the doctor just want this beautiful, perfect sunny day off? Terrible, I know. But we were really upset.

Paul, being the good sport that he is, said, okay, I guess I have to get to work (he is NEW at this job and still proving himself...great timing for all of this), and I settled in to the day, and finally eventually, thought I had better just be thankful that my husband was at work, and not the emergency the doctor, who is a great one by the way, may be dealing with.

We're looking into diet programs. Already we are being more careful about Paul's diet, and his blood sugars (he's a diabetic) are doing great. What do you guys think of Weight Watchers
®? They claim to be "Safe, healthy, and effective.

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