Jul 25, 2007

Update on Hubbys Heart & Balloon Festival

It's been a week since Paul's second stent was put in an artery that feeds the lower part of his heart, and he is doing great!

He is also doing real well at keeping his blood sugars at a good level. We are happy and hopeful, and looking forward to going to the big Balloon Festival that takes place each year here in New Jersey on Saturday. It's the 25 year anniversary, and the weather looks pretty good. We went a few years back late in the day for the evening launch of the balloons, but there was too much wind. We're going to head out real early on Saturday morning for the morning launch when the chances are better that the weather will cooperate.

It should be a great day! I'll try to have a picture or 2 for you next week.

Updated 2/4/16
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