Aug 25, 2007

Finding Safe Vitamin Mineral and Herbal Supplements

There are so very many supplement companies now, that it can get completely confusing to know which is the safest.

I am sure that there are many that are safe, but have to admit that I'm so very happy that I got completely connected to a company over 20 years ago that I'm not letting go of for anything. I loved a write up they did about the testing they do on their fact I've had the privilege of touring the facility and seeing the equipment first hand.

Stop by and visit my "Are Your Supplements Safe" page (updated 2/3/16) to read about tests that should be done to assure product safety, and to be sure that the active ingredients that you expect to be the product are really in it. No matter where you buy your supplements, be sure they are worth what you are paying for should be getting what you pay for.

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