Sep 27, 2007

Whining about Wine & Health

Why am I whining about wine? As I was standing in my kitchen tonight, and listening to the news in the background while fixing dinner, I heard a report saying that studies are showing that wine may contribute to breast cancer in women. I did a google search on wine and breast cancer and came up with a number of old studies, but I didn't see anything new. Is there a new study? Or are they just dragging up old news? I guess it would be good for me to do a bit more research.

Updated 1/30/16

I do have to say that I read more good about wine's health benefits than bad, but I guess it is good to keep my ears open for more information on this.


  1. Wine is fine. It seems everyday there's some study that comes out, contradicting some other study. IE: Eggs!! When it comes to studies, you never really see how the scientists come to these conclusions, which is important. Sometimes you just need to do your own investigation and come to the conclusion yourself.

  2. I agree with you, Chris...I love eggs, especially free range, they have cholesterol, but they also have lecithin, which emulsifies fat & cholesterol. Well I'm going to stop over and visit your page...take care! Claudia

  3. Hey, Thanks for the response(and the post at my site).

    Eggs are great. One of these days I'm going to do a post completely on the greatness of eggs. And like you said, free range are the best. The ones that are mainly caged have a lot of stuff in it. The scary part is the chickens are usually sick and they put antibiotics in their food. That all cycles down to the food you eat.

    Thanks again, keep up the great work with the blog.

  4. Thank you for your common sense approach to the study on wine. It seems that “the experts” come up with these surveys, frighten a lot of people, and then change their minds six months later!