Oct 24, 2007

Healthy Breasts & Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is said to be Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

I would not be surprised if all of us know someone who has breast cancer, someone who has lost the battle, and many others who are winning the breast cancer battle. I lost my closest friend a number of years ago to the disease, but have several other friends who are survivors and doing wonderfully. There have been great strides made in preventative measures and in treatment.

Have you done breast examination this month? When was your last physical and Mammogram? Please love your body enough to take care of it.

I had a Mammogram scare that I shared about at another site, click the article title which is "When Mammograms Show Findings - a Breast Exam Story". 

Updated 1/29/16

Two supplements specifically for the breasts that may interest you are Breast Assured and Breast Enhance. Please contact me using the comment section for more information about these products, I will not approve private request comments.

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  1. Anonymous2:07 PM

    I thought you would appreciate the following newsletter on breast cancer and taking back control of our health naturally:


    Jon Barron (at www.jonbarron.org) has been interviewed on FOX News for this very subject. Please pass this information on to anyone you feel needs this support.

    Best wishes,
    M. Petrini