Oct 6, 2007

Natural Ulcer Remedy

Ulcers run in my family, and my favorite remedy also came from a family member. My dear Dad struggled with ulcers, so did my Grandfather, he had a bleeding ulcer and had his stomach stapled, but did great after and lived to be 97. 

Someone in my family shared a remedy with me that helps me when I am faithful in doing what I should. I'm not supposed to drink coffee (that's the hardest part for me...I like a cup in the morning, so when I have some, I take an antacid after), and I'm supposed to avoid dairy and white flour foods. I am supposed to:
  • Eat a lot of cabbage, raw or cooked
  • Have a tablespoon of Norwegian Cod Liver Oil first thing in the morning before eating breakfast
  • Drink Aloe Vera Juice in the amount suggested on the bottle after two meals (I usually have it after lunch and dinner, and sometimes at bedtime too)
  • Drin water with a green powder product like Barlean's Greens (I use Liquid Chlorophyll)
  • DGL wafer chewed 20 minutes apart from food (before or after meals)
  • A couple of capsules of Chamomile at bedtime. I keep a bottle next to the bed. 
All the other things are set out all the time in a spot on our kitchen table so that I don't forget for the time I am taking them. All of these food's primary function is to kill off the H-pylori bacteria. Sometimes at bedtime, I'll also take some Stomach Comfort to help with the over-acid conditions during the night. 

Updated 1/29/16

Please contact me using the comment for below for fact sheets on the items marked in red, I do not approve comments that contain private requests.

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