Nov 24, 2007

Easy Leftover Turkey Recipe and How to Defat Drippings

One of my FAVORITE meals after Thanksgiving is made from the leftovers, and it's one of the easiest meals to make.

  • First, in a microwaveable baking dish sprayed with cooking oil, I layer some Turkey meat. 
  • Then I top that with a layer of stuffing. 
  • Finally, I top it all with gravy. 
  • Put it in the microwave, and heat for about 15 minutes. 
  • I serve it with a side of Cranberry Sauce, and a nice tossed salad.

How to Remove Fat from Turkey Drippings for Gravy

After I've poured off the juice from the turkey into a container, I put it in the refrigerator overnight. All the fat floats to the surface, and I remove almost all of the fat and throw it away. Take a good look at it before you do and be thankful that your going to doing away with a lot of "bad" fat for your body. Then we make the gravy a usual.

How about you? What is your favorite leftover meal holiday meal?

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  1. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in our country, but if we did, i would probably do what you did. Leftovers can be as delicious as the main meal. and I love gravy. :) btw, your blog is really nice, way to go.