Dec 16, 2007

Fats, Corn and Garlic, What a Mix

Wondering how the three things in the subject heading come together?

There are some interesting new studies that show that low-fat diets many not be as beneficial to certain health conditions as originally thought.

Corn has a long list of wonderful nutrients and health benefits. As a "Jersey Girl" who loves "Jersey Corn", I was surprised to see how many. You do have to find corn that is GMO free, organic, as it is one of the most common genetically modified foods.

And Garlic? Researchers have come up with some interesting new information!

Where can you find all of this? Please visit my website, look at the right margin and find the food list and the health topic list, you'll find Corn in the food list, and the new information on garlic under "Garlic and Onions". Then look for the topic related to Low Fat eating.

Updated 1/22/16


  1. Anonymous11:08 PM

    I am happy to hear that corn is back in favor. After being shunned for years as basically pure sugar. Who can pass up corn on the cob in July?

  2. Thanks for your posts, Neena, I hope you managed to stop by at my website and read all the health benefits of corn

    Merry Christmas!