Dec 7, 2007

What I am Doing for an Intense Upper Respiratory Infection Cold

I'm into my 2nd day of a nasty cold, and am happy for my laptop so I can snuggle into a corner of the couch in my 'jammies and slippers, with a box of tissues close at hand. 

No, I don't take any over-the-counter medications to suppress my symptoms, I stopped doing that years ago, and just help the body along with the work it's doing ridding itself of the little "bugs" that are causing the problem. The colds seem to go away much more quickly that way.

I've also been taking herbal combinations called Lymph Gland Cleanse and AL-J, one having natural antibiotic type properties, and the other natural decongestant properties, as well as trying to drink plenty of liquids.

You may also want to read about allergies which can feel like a cold sometimes.

Please contact me in the comment field below for fact sheets on the items marked in red. I approve all comments, and will not post a private request.

Updated 1/22/16

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