Jan 11, 2008

Commentary: Remember Eating by the Pyramid?

No, this isn't a post about the pyramids of Egypt, but about a site that calculates an eating program for you based upon the food pyramid. The site is http://www.choosemyplate.gov/.There are a number of interesting links at the site.

For my commentary, I remember some years ago listening to someone speak about the food pyramid. According to this particular nutritionist, and others agree, we should really be avoiding dairy and eating only small amounts of meat, if any. I remember him pointing to the food pyramid and telling us that he believed that much more than just our health and well-being played into the decisions about the amounts included in each food group. For example, how happy would the dairy association be if everyone were to greatly reduce drinking milk, eating cheese, etc.? And how happy would the cattle farmers be if we were to stop eating meat?

This is all very controversial, and I don't lean strongly one way or the other, except in the case of treating animals, even those that will find their way to a dinner table, humanely during their life..after all, they are giving their lives for our stomachs. And I prefer organic meat, such as grass fed beef with no antibiotics or growth hormones. Meat, if eaten at all, should just be a small part of a meal, overwhelmed by salad and/or steamed vegetables, and grains or multi-grain pasta. As for dairy, I believe dairy is a mucous-forming food, and should be eaten in moderation. Many find that their upset digestive systems calm with reduction of dairy. Many, like myself, are lactose intolerant, do not have to enzymes to digest lactose in dairy.

So there is more to consider than what the government promotes as a way to eat.

Updated 1/21/16

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  1. Eileen Williams10:58 AM


    This is a wonderful article filled with helpful facts and suggestions. As a vegetarian for close to twenty years, I have been able supply my needs for protein through various other sources. I agree, whether or not one eats meat, it is vital to load up your plate with veggies and whole grains.

    Great information!