Jan 19, 2008

Recipe: Yummy Fruit Soup

Here is a recipe that Paul Jackson shared some years ago at this update, back when there was no Pinterest, and no picture was provided. I hope you enjoy, it sounds delicious!

Fruit Soup


  • 1 can fruit cocktail (juice and all)
  • 1 can pineapple (juice and all)

  • 1 box instant pudding mix (I had lemon, but she said vanilla would work as well)

  • Banana (Optional)

  • Cool Whip
Pour both cans of fruit into bowl, juice and all. Pour in box of instant pudding mix (just the powder). Mix. Chill. Serve with dollop of Cool Whip. Bananas can be added immediately prior to serving.

Obviously you can pick the variety of canned fruits that suit your tastes (you can get fruit in natural juice, better than syrup). With fat-free, sugar free pudding mix and lite cool whip, you could make this an easy and healthy dessert or snack.

Updated 1/21/16


  1. Fruit soup!!! Will it taste good? I am not quite a fruit juice fan, I will try it though as this is a recipe of Paul Jackson and he is a member of the "2008 Weight Loss Challenge"!

  2. Yep, this is a nice recipe by Paul Jackson. I see it is an extremely healthy recipe. Thanks for sharing though

  3. This sounds SO good! I'm going to try it!! Thanks for sharing! I came across your site today and am really interested in all the recipes you will post! Keep them coming and I will keep coming back!