Jan 10, 2008

Remedy: Food Remedy for Diarrhea

I am sure that if you know a little about nutrition, you know that Bananas are recommended as a food that provides Potassium to the diet. But it is also a remedy for a common ailment. 

Bananas are "binding", some say that the banana should be green to achieve this affect, but we find that eating any banana helps. The affect has been attributed to a few things. Some say the banana absorbs liquids in the colon which help in the forming a regular bowel movement, others attribute it to the tannins in the banana, and still others to the pectin. I would imagine that it is a combination of all of the wonderful properties of the fruit.

If you enjoy Bananas, and find that they are causing constipation, you may want to counter the affect by eating other fruits at the same time or on the same day as you eat bananas, like prunes or raisins.

You may also want to read about Slippery Elm, an herb that is helpful in soothing the intestinal system, and easing diarrhea.

Updated 1/21/16

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