Feb 16, 2008

Recipe: Atkins Diet Greek Salad

For those of you that feel comfortable about the Atkins diet, here's a recipe for you from a list of Atkins Diet recipes that I have that are free to share. For those of you that aren't on any diet but think it sounds good, which it does, enjoy!!

Greek Salad

Carbs Per Serving: no counts provided


1 head lettuce torn into bite sized pieces 1
jar marinated artichoke hearts
½ small tomato chopped (optional)
A few black olives (optional...but not for me, I LOVE Black Olives)
4 oz feta cheese, or adjust to taste
6 oz chopped ham
1 bottle Ken’s Steakhouse Greek Dressing

How to Prepare:

Mix all of the ingredients including the dressing and let sit for 10 minutes before serving. This salad is AWESOME!!!

Image from Greek Home Recipes

Updated 1/22/16


  1. Yum! This salad is a winner with me too. I love greek salads. The olives and the feta.. Time for lunch. :)

  2. Oh, this sounds good! And, if I keep it truly Greek (goat's milk cheese products) I can have it!!!!

    YAY ... the poor, deprived, allergic to cow's milk, granddaughter of a fifth-generation dairy farmer soul.

  3. I love Greek Salad - I'm trying your suggestion for the dressing from Ken's Steakhouse - I've yet to find a bottled dressing I've liked - keeping my fingers crossed for Ken's!!