Feb 21, 2008

Article: Starch that is Good for You

Today when listening to the news, the topic of "Resistant Starch" came up, which was fascinating to me. At first when I listened, I thought it was just a re-packaging of the benefits of eating high-fiber and complex carbohydrates, but as I listened, I realized it was more than that. It was based on studies that show that there are actual starches that are good for you.

Foods that contain this form of starch that actually benefits the digestive system and doesn't break down until it's in the colon, are in things that we've known to be healthy all along, like legumes (beans), rice, barley, potatoes (contain both "good" and "bad" starch) and other foods.

If you've been avoiding foods because you're worried about eating high carbs or to much starch, remember, all things in moderation, and make those carbohydrates and starches the healthy variety.

Updated 1/22/16 - Yams image courtesy of http://www.jeffsmeats.com/producest.htm


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