Mar 5, 2008

Home Remedy: Food Poisoning and Charcoal

With all the news about food recalls, it makes me wonder how many people eat these foods and are sickened by them. I have had food poisoning twice in my life, it is a terrible experience.

While most of the time the body works hard when this happens to rid itself of the offending foods, if it is a mild case, taking activated charcoal may help if taken with water as soon as you begin to feel nauseous. Activated charcoal, as you probably already know, is used in water purification and other purification processes because, in simple terms, the toxins attach themselves to the charcoal and are not able to affect the body (or in the case of water purification, pass through into the drinking water).

I remember many years ago my brother was given more of a medication than he should have taken and had to be admitted to the hospital, and their remedy was activated charcoal.

Updated 1/29/16 - Contact me using the comment form below to request more information about activated charcoal and how to get it, I approve all comments and do not approve private requests.

We keep a bottle of activated charcoal capsules in our medicine cabinet all the time.


  1. interesting information. I have never had food poisoning but im constantly cooking and the thought crosses my mind.

  2. It sounds better than forcing yourself to vomit with syrup of epicac, I didn`t know we could get charcoal in pill form , thanks for the info.

  3. I'm with Zach - I didn't know you could get charcoal in capsules, but then just about everything comes in pill form these days.

    My mother always kept activated charcoal around - as well as a few things I'd rather not remember the taste of!

  4. It happens with us a lot many times that we eat something from outside and them we get a stomach ache or something like food poisoning. We should take care of our health and should not eat haphazardly so that we should be safe from any problem.

  5. i didnt know you can get charcoal in capsuls. thanks i learned something new today

  6. Anonymous11:37 AM

    charcoal pills work wonders. I always have them with me when travel. I take charcoal and colloidal silver when i have food poisoning