Apr 28, 2008

Is this Skin Cancer?

There are a couple of itchy patches of skin on my face, and one of them has a brown spot in it, it could be just one of many freckles on my face, and it's small, but I don't want to take any chances. So next week, I have an appointment with my dermatologist.

A number of years back my husband had a small red nodule growing on his cheek, it got larger, and I was really concerned, but no, he wasn't ready to rush off to the doctor to have it checked. We tried a natural remedy that I may share later this week, but finally he did end up going, and he had basal cell skin cancer, the least dangerous form, both on his cheek and on the tip of his nose. Both were removed in an out-patient procedure at the hospital. He can get away with a scar, kind of adds to that rugged, masculine look, but me, I don't think so.

We are both very fair skinned, and both spent a lot of time out in the sun when we were younger, getting raging sunburns, blisters and all. There wasn't the skin care awareness back then that there is now, and you can get skin cancer many years later from things that you did as a child.

So this week, I'll use the daily topics to focus on Skin Cancer. Even though sun can cause skin cancer, it also has many health benefits, please stop by and read more about them - Sun Health Facts and Sunburn.

Updated 2/4/16

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