Apr 20, 2008

My Inspiring Grandparents

My first post to this blog was dedicated to my Grandfather, and since it's been a long time since I started this blog, I thought I'd bring that post up to the top and repost it with some changes to include a bit about my dear Grandmother. 

My grandfather, John K. Mitchell, lived to be 97 years old, outliving my Grandmother who lived to be 90, and was 3 years older than him. She was the girl next door, he loved her from the age of 14. Grandad passed away a few years ago, it was a blessing to have a grandfather into my 50's and he was very special to me.

He was a retired Air Force Captain with many stories to tell, I loved to listen to him so much, that when he was in his late 80's we made a set of video tapes of him sharing his life story. I treasure these tapes. He wasn't a God-fearing man until later in his life, after he's made many a mistake that would have broken many a marriage, but my Grandmother remained steadfast and faithful to him. She prayed for him, believing that if God could forgive her sins through Jesus Christ (John 3:16 & 17), she surely could forgive the hurt that my dear Grandad's indiscretions brought upon her. 

Her prayers were answered, and so were the prayers of his mother, my Great-Grandmother who didn't live to see the day her son turned his life over to the Lord. He became faithful in serving the Lord, and could not speak enough about what a forgiving God we have. He became a devoted husband to my Grandmother. Now they are all together in heaven and things unknown and unseen here are seen!

Each summer as children we would vacation at my grandparents and one thing you would always find of their table were several bottles of vitamins and minerals from Puritan's Pride. He was faithful in taking them, and in giving them to my Grandmother, who he loved and cared for for many years after she suffered a stroke.

Perhaps seeing those bottles, and watching him give vitamins, minerals and more to my grandmother, was part of what sparked my interest in good nutrition. It opened my eyes to the need for supplements to fill in the nutritional gaps that are often left by our everyday diet, and ultimately lead to my becoming a Nutritionist.

I hope there are people in your life that have been an inspiration to you.

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