May 2, 2008

What Melanoma Looks Like

I did a little search on the internet and found a good image showing pictures of the skin cancer everyone fears the most, Melanoma. Even though the general "rule of thumb" is to look for something the size of a pencil eraser or larger, I have had 2 friends have smaller sized marks that were Melanoma. The percentage is low, so don't panic, but do make sure to examine yourself, and to have a professional Dermatologist examine your skin each year.

At this update in January of 2016, I had a suspicious mole removed a few weeks ago, it is hard waiting for results, but they came 5 days later, and were normal, thank goodness.

Image Source - Originally Skin Cancer Basics at, a site that isn't what it used to be at this update on 1/20/16

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