May 14, 2008

Rebounding for Lymphatic System Health

One of the first things that I learned back in the mid-1980's when my interest in health and nutrition began due to many health issues of my own was the importance of rebounding. I purchased a mini-trampoline at the time, and started rebounding.

Here is how rebounding benefits your Lymphatic system. Your Lymphatic system, the system that plays an important role in fighting disease, is a system that you can compare in some ways to your circulatory system, it runs throughout your body. The only difference is your circulatory system has a pump, the heart, while your lymphatic system does not. The lymphatic system depends upon YOU to keep the fluid moving through the system. Rebounding is the best exercise for this as it opens and closes the valves throughout the system and gets it circulating.

Updated 2/10/16

You do not have to jump very high on a mini-trampoline to get the affect, so it is easy on the joints, generally the up and down bouncing motion is enough.


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