Jun 27, 2008

Food and Cancer Connection, esp. Breast, Ovarian

Here is a study that I thought was worth sharing, and am doing so with permission. It is related to cancer, especially breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Diet plays such an important role in getting to the root of health problems, it can't be said enough! Enjoy the following study:

Eating foods like broccoli and soy has now been linked to lower cancer rates, and California researchers recently reported that they may have discovered the biological mechanism behind the protective effect.

Using cells in a lab dish, researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, found that diindolymethane (DIM), a compound resulting from digestion of cruciferous vegetables such as Broccoli, along with genistein, an isoflavone in soy, reduce the production of two proteins needed for breast and ovarian cancers to spread.

“We think these compounds might slow or prevent the metastasis of breast and ovarian cancer, which would greatly increase the effectiveness of current treatments,” said Erin Hsu, a UCLA graduate student in molecular toxicology.

The findings highlight “an entirely unique mechanism ... Preventing the invasion and metastasis of cancer cells is crucial,” said Dr. Alan Kristal, associate head of the cancer prevention program at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle.

Cancer cells express very high levels of a surface receptor known as CXCR4, while the organs to which the cancers spread secrete high levels of CXCL12, a ligand that binds to that particular receptor.

This attraction stimulates the invasive properties of cancer cells and acts like a homing device, drawing the cancer cells to organs like the liver or brain.

The study found that when cancer cells were treated with either DIM or genistein, movement toward CXCL12 is reduced by at least 80 percent compared to untreated cells.

As the modern day researchers continue to confirm the wisdom of the ancients, we encourage you to embrace this wisdom. Ancient civilizations such as the Greeks and the Essenes knew the recipe for good health. They partook of pure air and water, sunshine, and nutrient-dense whole foods. Today, it seems that science has come full circle. They have arrived “back in time”…… only to discover the future!
Updated 2/10/16

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  1. Your post reminded me I bought broccoli at the store the other day! I'm having a plateful for lunch!

    I sure wish I had space for a garden. I don't eat enough veggies because I hate to go grocery shopping and put it off for as long as possible. Veggies need to be fresh - and there's some vegetables that I only eat fresh - like green beans and peas. I can't eat those frozen or canned but fresh green beans and peas are like ambrosia!

  2. I had to come back and tell you I've been eating platefuls of broccoli for the last month now, lol.

    I just steam it, add my spices and a little butter and eat it all for a meal.

    I may be turning green soon!