Jun 5, 2008

Article: Drinking Wine - 5 Benefits

It is good to be back from a relaxing vacation last week, after some busy times dealing with family matters during the weeks before, and to finally be able to focus on posting to my blogs. I've missed it!

5 Benefits Of Drinking Wine

By: Caroline Silverstone

There is much more to wine than being a drink to enjoy. There is more than the rich tastes and the variety of the culture of wine. You have likely heard that science is starting to take an interest in wine because it can actually be healthy to include wine in your daily diet. 

Studies are ongoing, but preliminary results shown favorable upon wine as being something that should be included in the diet of people who wish to avoid common diseases and problems associated with aging. In fact, many doctors even recommend to patients that adding a glass of wine with dinner is not something you should be ashamed of, but rather something you should be doing. 

Wine contains anti bacteria agents and something called procyanidins that both work in wonderful ways in your body to help improve your health. Wine also, being an alcohol, helps to thin blood and let it flow more smoothly through your body. These factors create many benefits that you experience just from drinking wine. 

Five of the benefits that you get from drinking wine are outlined below.
  1. Good heart health. Wine is good for the heart because it helps to thin our blood which allows the heart to work a little less. Additionally, studies have shown that people who consume wine in moderate amounts have lower occurrences of heart disease and other heart problems then people who do not drink wine.
  2. Lowers risk for diabetes. Studies have shown that drinking wine helps to reduce the risk for developing diabetes. The make up of the wine and its alcohol base help to extend the function of the pancreas and sweep glucose from the body, allowing a person to avoid diabetes onset later in life.
  3. Lowers risk for stroke. Just as wine helps with heart disease it helps prevent stroke. The thinning of the blood helps to prevent clots that lead to stroke.
  4. Lowers risk for cataracts. Studies have shown that wine helps to prevent cataracts. More studies are needed to determine why, but it has been shown in study after study that people who drink wine regularly have a lower occurrence for cataracts.
  5. Lengthens life. Wine has been shown to help lengthen your life. With all of the health benefits it is no wonder that drinking wine will help you to live longer. Wine has been shown to help slow down the aging of the brain and therefore allow better brain function longer.
Wine lovers will rejoice when all these studies are completed and finally prove that wine is good for you. The one thing, though, that should be noted about the benefits of wine is that these benefits have only been shown to outweigh the negative effects of alcohol consumption when wine is drank in moderation. 

Excessive use of wine can lead to problems with the liver and other health issues associated with excessive alcohol consumption. Usually a glass of wine a day is enough to reap the benefits and avoid the problems.

Author Credit: This article was used with permission, and at one time was associated with  the site thewinestandard.com, but it appears the site is no longer available as of this update.

Updated 2/10/16  


  1. Thanks for sharing these benefits of wines.HA ha ha..I am feeling great now cause I am wine lover.

  2. I am a big proponent of wine. I lived in the wine country up near Napa and Sonoma for ten years and fell in love with the area and the wines there.

    Lately, though I have had stomach issues with both red and white wines and that is a disappointment to me because I love a glass of wine to relax and the health benefits are an added bonus!

    Even though I have my blog, The Martini Diva, and I love martinis, sometimes a glass of wine is so much more mellow! I certainly wish I could find a solution for the acidity issue with my stomach!

  3. Didn't know wines are that much helpful for our health. Thats really good to know. But we must remember that excessive drinking of wine can lead to problems too, as excess of anything is bad always.

  4. Claudia,

    So does this mean the MORE I drink, the LONGER I'll live??? :)

  5. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Thanks, Claudia, this post was interesting and informative. Wine is not only delicious but there are several health benefits as well. Yippee!!!

  6. Nothing like a little "fruit of the vine" after a hard day to help you relax. And now we know it's healthy for you too! My dad's family came from Czechoslovakia and a very sweet grape wine wss part of every family get-together. Perhaps that's why they are such a long-lived group. My dad was the "baby" and he died at 78. Several of his older brothers and sisters are still going strong.