Jul 26, 2008

Relief for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Is At Hand

Our bodies are so intricately designed, and often we take for granted the motion of our fingers, and the impact that repeated use can have on the hand. One of the negative results can be a condition called Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).

CTS is a very painful condition that builds over time with regular use of certain tendons and muscles in the fingers. When the condition is at it's worst, there is sometimes unbearable pain in the thumb, index and middle finger. Sometimes you can even feel this pain on the inside of the ring finger as well. 

One very common use that can cause problems is the repetitious motion of using the mouse with your computer, or typing, or any other thing that requires repeated motion affecting the tendons associated with the movement of your fingers. This is why it is important to know the various things that can cause CTS, and know there are numerous helps and ergonomic supports that you can use to find Carpal Tunnel relief. If you feel symptoms that indicate you are developing this condition, you may be able to stop it before it progresses.

Jul 23, 2008

Water Bottle Pollution Solution

I was just listening to a report this morning on the fact that, yes, many are drinking more water which is beneficial to health, but many are buying cases of water in water bottles on a regular basis, and the bottles are becoming a pollution problem.

At the time that I first wrote this post that I'm updating, I had a counter-top reverse osmosis water purifier and a 2 gallon poly-carbonate bottle with a spigot that I filled using the purifier on a regular basis. 

There's also a bottle large enough to use in a water cooler. Then I use a washable, re-fillable water bottle, and have that with me almost all the time. Water is always in the fridge, ready to go, right from my own tap, using a water purification method that is most definitely the best. 

While purchasing the unit cost me something, it has saved me in the long run, I used my RO unit for at least 20+ years, and decided to replace the unit once in that time, just because it was looking old. I replace the membrane and filters on an occasional basis as needed. How often that is depends upon your water, and how often you use your unit...actually the more it is used the better. 

Updated 2/10/16

I would like to invest in another purifier sometime, but now we are using something that has become popular in the years since this post was written, water bottles with filters.