Sep 23, 2008

Foods that Can Cause ADD or ADHD

ADD and/or ADHD are common diagnoses today for a broad range of symptoms in children, and also adults. I think every parent of an ADD child, or every adult diagnosed with ADD, should be told that as part of the remedy they have to avoid certain foods. What do you think?

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The possibility that artificial food coloring and chemical preservatives could affect your child’s behavior has been a hotly contested issue for decades. Research reported in the September 2007 issue of the Lancet Medical Journal now provides a clear demonstration that changes in behavior can be detected in three-year-old and eight-year-old children who ingest these artificial processed food additives.

Psychology Professor James Stevenson of the University of Southampton and colleagues conducted tests on more than 300 children. They found significant differences in the children’s behavior when they drank fruit drinks with a mixture of common processed food additives including artificial food coloring and chemical preservatives.

“These findings show that adverse effects are not just seen in children with extreme hyperactivity (such as ADHD) but can also be seen in the general population and across the range of severity of hyperactivity,” the researchers wrote in their study. The team of researchers commented that “the implications of these results for the regulation of food additive use could be substantial”. 

Many parents today feel pressured by doctors and school officials into treating their children’s symptoms with narcotic medications. After witnessing the side effects, many wish they had not.
On the other hand, we have wonderful non-profit groups like The Feingold Association ( that has a 30 year track record and a 90% success rate in alleviating such symptoms by simply changing the child’s diet

If you are a parent who is concerned about your child’s behavior, please visit The Feingold Association’s website for more information. We also encourage you to offer your children Wholefood Farmacy foods which contain NO artificial coloring, NO artificial flavorings, NO artificial sweeteners and NO chemical preservatives.
Maybe ADD should really stand for Artificial Diet Disorder – we encourage parents everywhere to give nature a chance.Information provided by Wholefood Farmacy, an online wholefood buyers club.

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