Nov 3, 2008

Feeding Animals and Birds That Come to Visit

I am headed out to do some food shopping, and on my list there is almost always some food for the birds that we feed. They come to the feeder outside my window, where I have fed them for years. In fact they are so spoiled and tame, that if I forget to put the feeder out, they sit in the branch very close to the kitchen window where the feeder hangs, and when I come into the kitchen to prepare a meal, they will chirp at me, or do a "fly by" or two in front of the window then land and just stare at me. So cute!

We also have plenty of squirrels, like the fellow you see pictured here. I didn't used to mind their visits to the feeder as everyone seemed to eat in their own time, but recently, one chewed the little perches off the feeder where the birds would stand, and I had to purchase a new feeder. So far, everything has been fine, and I haven't yet had to purchase squirrel proof feeders, but may have to if we run into trouble again.

It's time for me to start thinking about fixing our dinner, and I got the feeder out early this morning (we have to bring it in each night until the bears hibernate, they LOVE bird seed and have destroyed many a feeder I've forgotten) so the birds are very happy. We plan to keep a steady supply of bird food out all winter long, remember, if you feed birds, keep your feeders full during the cold months, and especially when the ground is snow covered.

Next post it will be back to the usual "people" nutrition, but it's been fun to talk about our outdoor friends, the squirrels look FAT this year, does that mean we're in for a cold winter? We'll see!

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