Dec 28, 2008

Getting a Comfortable Sleep and Heart Health

How well do you sleep at night? I know that in the past year, I am happy if I get 7 hours of sleep, it seems like 6 gets me through the day, anything under that, and it affects me mentally and physically.

Last week I saw a headline indicating that there is a link between not getting enough sleep and heart first thought was that it makes sense, because often a cause of lack of sleep is stress, which is generally unhealthy. I was able to pull up a New York Times article with more details about the study that was done, and how it appears to show that less sleep may increase the production of calcification in the arteries, but it doesn't appear that there is anything entirely conclusive as to why.

But the bottom line is, we do need to get enough sleep. For most, that is 7-8 hours. If we are not getting enough sleep, there could be many reasons, maybe one as simple as not sleeping in a comfortable beds.

Make it one of your New Year's Resolutions to get enough sleep this year, in fact, why wait until the New Year, if your sitting here surfing the net and your conscience is telling you "you really should be sleeping" then let this be the last post you read and visit the links on...and may I say, "good night".

Updated 3/18/16 

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  1. Claudia,

    That would make sense--lack of sleep affecting heart health. Just like the body needs rest after vigorous exercise, the heart needs ample rest to keep functioning properly.

    This was a great read.