Dec 31, 2008

Obesity and Weight Management for Children and Teens

Some time ago, I overheard a news report on TV about the problem of obesity in children, not a new concern, but one that seems to be growing. Here's some helpful information for you, and your children. Interesting studies that reveal a lot about the kind of exercise that is most beneficial for your children.

A study of 5,500 children who agreed to wear a motion sensor device showed that those who exercised more were less likely to be obese and that short bursts of intense activity seemed to be the most helpful.

Children who did 15 minutes a day of moderate exercise, equivalent to a brisk walk, were 50 percent less likely than inactive children to be obese; the research was reported in the Public Library of Science journal PLoS Medicine in March, 2007.

Andy Ness of the University of Bristol and colleagues wrote - “Our data suggest that higher intensity physical activity may be more important than total activity,”

Chris Riddoch of Britain’s Bath University, who worked on the study commented - “This study provides some of the first robust evidence on the link between physical activity and obesity in children. We know that diet is important, but what this research tells us is that we musn't forget about activity. It’s been really surprising to us how even small amounts of exercise appear to have dramatic results.”

The less the children exercised, the more likely they were to be obese, the study found. These associations suggest even a modest increase of 15 minutes moderate and vigorous physical activity might result in an important reduction in the prevalence of overweight and obesity,” the researchers wrote.

Small changes made now can make a big difference in the lives of your children – teach them healthy habits that can last a lifetime. A quick game of catch, a short bike ride or shooting a few hoops everyday is all it takes. A little more activity and some healthy Wholefood Farmacy
snacks can make all the difference in the world.

If you have a child or teenager who wants to lose weight, we encourage you to consider treating them to a Wholefood Farmacy Tri-Decathlon Delux. This wonderful 13 day program of whole foods, water and walking can get them started in the right direction. This is also great for adults as well!

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  1. Great post! I especially liked your reference to higher intensity activity. Although it's best to ramp up over time to harder exercise, research is definitely pointing more and more to the benefit of higher intensity exercise for fat loss. ANY physical activity is better than no activity for kids (as well as us older folks!), though! Games and recreational activities (that don't seem like "exercise") are great choices for kids. I think the first step toward slimming our society down starts w/getting our youth to slim down--which of course starts with the family culture (food and activity habits). This post lays out the value of this. Thanks!

    Becky Williamson

  2. Hi Becky,

    Thank you for stopping by and for your comments...yes, I agree, best to build up over time, especially for us adults, or children who have not been doing anything for a long time, but remember least mine, it was either still or outdoors playing with a lot of freedom and high energy...maybe things have changed in this day and age when children spend so much time in front of the TV or playing video/computer games, but I think in general, children are quite resilient and able to go into bursts of energy far more quickly.

    Thanks again for stopping by, visit again sometime!


  3. A new study conducted by Case western Reserve University shows just one-third of children who are overweight or obese actually receive that diagnosis by a pediatrician. What does this mean?

    1) Children aren't being seen regularly by a doctor


    2) Doctors aren't doing enough to encourage or stress the importance of physical activity.

    Your post reflects the fact that exercise helps tremendously.

  4. Beverly,

    Thanks so much for providing this additional information, I am sure that BOTH factor into the study you mentioned.

    Thanks for visiting!

  5. This information is useful for people of all ages. I've heard that, when one ups the intensity of her work out for short bursts, the health benefits of exercise are even greater. Great post for the start of the New Year!