Jan 27, 2009

Gathering Place for Those With Cancer

Today I was introduced to a beautiful site, www.knowcancer.com, for those who are dealing with cancer personally, have a loved one who is dealing with cancer, or are interested in the site as a learning resource. Some of the site is still under construction, but when I visited, it was very welcoming and warm in it's appearance.

As some of you may know, my mother dealt with the blood cancer, Leukemia, when she was in her mid-60's. She went through the chemotherapy treatments available, and though things were a bit tough for one summer, she came through it all, and just turned 80 this past year. All of us are likely to be touched by this disease at some point in our lives, either personally, or through someone we care about.

At knowcancer.com, you will also find educational articles on different types of cancer. For example, visit bladder cancer and you will see that it goes into detail on this particular condition. Again, the site is new and "under construction" at the time I am typing this post, and some links are not yet active, but if you visit the Bladder Cancer link, you'll get a good idea of how things will develop. For each type of cancer, there will be a community to join, a blog related to the particular type of cancer, and much more.

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