Feb 26, 2009

Pasta, Fun for the Whole Family

I have really enjoyed the fact that there is such variety now in the kinds of pasta you can get. When I was growing up it was either macaroni noodles used in making macaroni and cheese, spaghetti noodles, and lasagna noodles when my Mom learned how to make lasagna from my aunt. Now there are many colors, shapes, and forms of pasta...whole wheat, rice, whole grain, artichoke and more!

Did you know that if you cook pasta so that it is still firm, not mushy, it will release less starch? The less starch, the better, because starch becomes sugar, something we learned when taking classes to learn to how to manage my husband's diabetes.

But now for the fun part! I found a pasta web site that is great for young and old. At the National Pasta Association's website they have a Kids Korner where you will find a lot of fun things to do with Pasta. And parents, you'll find a lot of fun and interesting facts about pasta, and recipes that include pasta at the site.

Updated 3/19/16 ~ Image from National Pasta Association

Dress to Look Good While Losing Weight

Each year at this time, I reluctantly realize that it's time to talk weight loss. I am not reluctant because I don't think it's important to maintain a healthy weight, I'm reluctant because every year I know that people who are carrying around extra weight are going to be met with ads about weight loss products and exercise equipment. That the people using the products are in such great shape that it is unrealistic for most to ever attain the look that they see in front of them.

So what does one do while they are in transition...or if, perhaps, they don't mind weighing a bit more than what the media and advertisers would have us believe is socially acceptable? To my female readers especially, may I suggest that you can find some really attractive plus size clothes that make the most of your features and curves no matter how large you might be, and do it in a way that will make you delighted to be you. During my "overweight" times, I find that wearing dark colors helps to slim me, but bright colors can be added if done in the right way.

May I encourage you not to just let yourself go when you have put on weight? Do a little shopping, find cloths that flatter you just the way you are....doing so online will help if you're like me and would rather not deal with trying on cloths in the store in those stalls with the poor lighting. Keep smiling, there's nothing more beautiful than a woman who is happy with who she is.

Updated 3/19/16

Feb 17, 2009

Who Is Responsible for How Your Children Eat?

There are no more babies, toddlers, "tweens" or teens left in this house, my children are adults now, my son still lives with us so for the most part eats what I make, and my daughter is married, so I can't make her food choices for her anymore.

As I look back over the years of feeding them and raising them, in the area of healthy eating, the following thoughts come to mind:

  • I alone was responsible for how my children ate. When I packed their lunches, I chose the foods that went in them. When I handed them money to buy lunch, it was like giving them a pass to chose from whatever foods (or snacks in place of food!) they ate.
  • I did a fairly good job at keeping their diets healthy at home. No, not a perfect job, but when I would compare the things in my shopping cart each week with the other mothers waiting in line, the difference was pretty drastic in many cases. I'm thankful that we were financially able to eat well.
  • My husband and I were responsible for where we chose to eat when we went out to dinner, and when we stopped while traveling. Those were times when we let our hair down a bit, and ate less than healthy meals...but that was our choice, and doing this occasionally did not harm. If we chose to eat that way on a regular basis, that would be a completely different story.
The point that I'm making here is that it is a parent's responsibility to determine what goes into their children's mouth. No matter what foods are out their on the supermarket shelves, or in the school lunch program, or are available at the restaurant you eat, the choice is yours while your children are young. AND the choices you make while they are young will influence them in the years to come.

Choose wisely!

Updated 3/19/16

Feb 3, 2009

Jessica Simpson Looks Fine!

Jessica Simpson has been in the news because recent pictures give her the appearance of looking like she's gained some weight. Excuses are being made such as the type of cloths she has on, or the angle of the picture, or that she's just an average gal who's weight fluctuates.

My question is why do excuses have to be made in the first place? Why does this have to be in the news?
I admit I'm not one to follow celebrities, and am out of touch with some of the popular youth culture, so I did a search to see what she looked like in other pictures to see what all the fuss was about. I know you're taking a risk doing that, because anything and everything is available for viewing on the internet, a huge pet peeve of mine. Well, lets just say if she were my daughter I'd not be as concerned with how many pounds she is carrying, as I would be with how many articles of clothing she is wearing...or maybe I should say how much coverage those articles of clothing were providing:-) If she were my daughter, and a little bit of weight...which looks beautiful on her, by the way...will help her to "cover up", then I'd be a happy Mom.
It's sad when someone who looks perfectly normal and beautiful in a photo is called overweight, putting pressure on our young people, who are jaded or foolish enough to idolize the barely dressed skeletons that they are exposed to on TV programs, on billboards, in magazines, just about anywhere you turn.

So this nutritionist says, unless you're a good 20 or more lbs overweight
by today's standards, don't consider it necessary to come to me for advise on weight loss.

Photo from Fox News

Feb 1, 2009

Super Bowl of Food for Young Athletes

Happy Superbowl Sunday! Parents everywhere love the exercise and fitness offered by organized sports, but many wonder about the best way to provide the proper nutrition and fluids for their young athletes.

Sports nutrition experts recommend eating from two to three hours before game time. For morning games, that means getting up early enough to eat two hours before game time. For events in the early to mid-afternoon, breakfast and lunch are important. For late-afternoon games add a light afternoon snack and for evening games, all of these meals plus an early light supper is recommended.

Oily, greasy fast foods such as burgers, fries, chips, or pizza can take up to three hours to digest so it’s best to choose healthy, nutrient-dense whole foods. You might also include 100% fruit juice or some fruit such as applesauce, an apple, some grapes, or a banana. It’s also a good idea to provide a modest amount of low-fat protein in pre-game meals. For vegetarian families, whole grains, legumes, soy products, and nuts and seeds are great protein sources. Other good choices include fat free or low-fat milk or yogurt, one egg, or a sandwich on whole grain bread made with a quality lean meat.
An equally important part of pre-game nutrition is drinking enough fluid. Dehydration is uncomfortable, hampers performance and in extreme cases, can be dangerous. Pre-game meals should include one or two cups of water. Then, about 30 minutes before the activity, youths should drink one to two cups of cool water to arrive fully hydrated.

It’s best to avoid sodas, energy drinks and other high-sugar drinks right before the event because the high sugar content can cause stomach cramps and nausea during strenuous game activity. Outside of sports time, the preferred beverage to relieve and prevent thirst is water as well.

Some parents find it helpful to mark lines on kids’ drink bottles as a guide to help them drink enough throughout the game or practice. By half-time, for example, they should have consumed half of their water. Some professionals recommend weighing your child before and after a sports event. Weight lost in such a short time is fluid loss, and your child can re-hydrate by drinking one cup of water for every half-pound lost. Weighing also helps you learn how much fluid is needed for your young athletes to stay properly hydrated.

All of my favorite Wholefood Farmacy foods are perfect for pre-game meals and post-game snacks. Farmacy Pro Power and Stardust 2 Hydr8 are also wonderful ways to stay properly hydrated before, during and after game time.

Thanks for this information, used with permission, goes to Wholefood Farmacy, my favorite wholesale buyers club.

Updated 3/19/16