Feb 3, 2009

Jessica Simpson Looks Fine!

Jessica Simpson has been in the news because recent pictures give her the appearance of looking like she's gained some weight. Excuses are being made such as the type of cloths she has on, or the angle of the picture, or that she's just an average gal who's weight fluctuates.

My question is why do excuses have to be made in the first place? Why does this have to be in the news?
I admit I'm not one to follow celebrities, and am out of touch with some of the popular youth culture, so I did a search to see what she looked like in other pictures to see what all the fuss was about. I know you're taking a risk doing that, because anything and everything is available for viewing on the internet, a huge pet peeve of mine. Well, lets just say if she were my daughter I'd not be as concerned with how many pounds she is carrying, as I would be with how many articles of clothing she is wearing...or maybe I should say how much coverage those articles of clothing were providing:-) If she were my daughter, and a little bit of weight...which looks beautiful on her, by the way...will help her to "cover up", then I'd be a happy Mom.
It's sad when someone who looks perfectly normal and beautiful in a photo is called overweight, putting pressure on our young people, who are jaded or foolish enough to idolize the barely dressed skeletons that they are exposed to on TV programs, on billboards, in magazines, just about anywhere you turn.

So this nutritionist says, unless you're a good 20 or more lbs overweight
by today's standards, don't consider it necessary to come to me for advise on weight loss.

Photo from Fox News


  1. Thank you for posting about this issue. Even I, who doesn't follow celebrities at all, have heard about Jessica's "weight gain" and I must say I agree with you. I think she looks just fine. When we we stop calling perfectly normal healthy girls "fat"?

  2. You're so right! I remember starving myself as a young women to try and fit into the "Twiggy look." The culture's return to super skinny as the feminine ideal is dangerous and unhealthy. Good for Jessica and thanks for posting on this issue.

  3. Bravo to you for pointing out that we obsess over stupid stuff like this when in fact, it is not even an issue.

    Thanks for bringing us to our senses and realizing there are more important things to worry about like: chocolate!

    Have a great day,

    love your blog!

    Heidi Richards Mooney, Author, Entrepreneur, Coach - Check out my latest book ~ www.QuirkyOffer.com

  4. Personally, I'm tired of hearing anything about Jessica Simpson but to talk about her weight is ridiculous! Once again, the media is trying to dictate what the so-called "norm" should be for young, beautiful women. The "norm" for women is 5'3" and 164lbs.

    Women in Hollywood are on the other extreme.

    I'm glad you have brought attention to this issue.

  5. Hey
    Easy on the skeleton comment. I happen to be a naturally small framed woman. I agree that size is not important, health is. But don't hate on those of us who are small to make your point.

    I like Jessica Simpson. Always have. I think she looked great before, and she looks great now.

  6. Claudia L. Meydrech, CN2:42 PM


    Point well taken, my brother is the same, he can eat ALL that he wants, and even has TRIED to gain weight at times...I hope you'll take the talk about the "skeleton" look as it was intended in the context of the post, what I really should have said is that we be happy with what's been given us, and take care of it the best we can. I'm not a person that "hates on" anyone, so you need not worry there.

    Have a blessed week!


  7. Beverly,

    Your "norm" for weight is probably right on :-) I am exactly that height, and was getting upwards into the 160's. I am down to 149 now, slowly taking of some excess, but definitely not thin. I'm happyy where I am now and anything more than may come off will just be a bonus:-)

    Thanks for stopping by!


  8. Eileen,

    Do you suppose "Twiggy" is where this all got started? I remember twiggy very well! Actually kind of brings back fun times:-)

    Thanks for your visit,

  9. Melodieann and Heidi,

    Thanks for visiting, love you both, and Heidi, yes, I agree, giving up some Chocolate now and then would be a tough one....I am happy that they discovered some health benefits in dark chocolate:-)


  10. I agree that it is such a shame to obsess over someone who looks healthy, normal and beautiful. Almost as bad as highlighting those celebrities who are 'too skinny'. It still makes weight a visible and public discussion when it is a private matter that only a woman herself should have control over. Now I think the discussion should be about those hideous jeans she's wearing and that belt...

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