Feb 26, 2009

Dress to Look Good While Losing Weight

Each year at this time, I reluctantly realize that it's time to talk weight loss. I am not reluctant because I don't think it's important to maintain a healthy weight, I'm reluctant because every year I know that people who are carrying around extra weight are going to be met with ads about weight loss products and exercise equipment. That the people using the products are in such great shape that it is unrealistic for most to ever attain the look that they see in front of them.

So what does one do while they are in transition...or if, perhaps, they don't mind weighing a bit more than what the media and advertisers would have us believe is socially acceptable? To my female readers especially, may I suggest that you can find some really attractive plus size clothes that make the most of your features and curves no matter how large you might be, and do it in a way that will make you delighted to be you. During my "overweight" times, I find that wearing dark colors helps to slim me, but bright colors can be added if done in the right way.

May I encourage you not to just let yourself go when you have put on weight? Do a little shopping, find cloths that flatter you just the way you are....doing so online will help if you're like me and would rather not deal with trying on cloths in the store in those stalls with the poor lighting. Keep smiling, there's nothing more beautiful than a woman who is happy with who she is.

Updated 3/19/16


  1. Claudia, I'm in the process of unpacking some major poundage, and I appreciate what you're saying so much! When a woman dresses stylishly and with pizazz, it is not her weight that shines through but her essence. She says, "I care enough about myself to celebrate and dress up for the occasion." Self-esteem issues and weight gain are so interconnected. Often, feeling better on the inside starts with spiffing up on the outside. I consider it, too, my little part in Keeping America Beautiful. :) Thank you for this.

  2. Women be proud with what you have. Unrealistic goals of weight loss are only going to set you up for disappointment when you can't reach the same levels as women who spend hours a day working out and eat like a bug. Setting small goals will help you feel good about the accomplishments you make and it will be easier to take on new ones. Besides, let's start a new revolution...teach our younger generations to love who they are, not what they see.