Feb 26, 2009

Pasta, Fun for the Whole Family

I have really enjoyed the fact that there is such variety now in the kinds of pasta you can get. When I was growing up it was either macaroni noodles used in making macaroni and cheese, spaghetti noodles, and lasagna noodles when my Mom learned how to make lasagna from my aunt. Now there are many colors, shapes, and forms of pasta...whole wheat, rice, whole grain, artichoke and more!

Did you know that if you cook pasta so that it is still firm, not mushy, it will release less starch? The less starch, the better, because starch becomes sugar, something we learned when taking classes to learn to how to manage my husband's diabetes.

But now for the fun part! I found a pasta web site that is great for young and old. At the National Pasta Association's website they have a Kids Korner where you will find a lot of fun things to do with Pasta. And parents, you'll find a lot of fun and interesting facts about pasta, and recipes that include pasta at the site.

Updated 3/19/16 ~ Image from National Pasta Association


  1. Pat,

    I always thought I was undercooking my pasta LOL! Now I see there is some health benefit to it so the next time my daughter complains that the pasta is kind of hard, I can let her know she's eating healthy :)

    Also, do you remember all of the fun things we used to make with pasta shells in school?

  2. I'm a big fan of spinach pasta myself. It definitely changes up a timeless dish!