Mar 3, 2009

Designing a Restaurant or Cafe

I am not planning on opening a Restaurant, but because I love Twitter, and my username is happynutrition, I have a lot of "foodie followers", some who own, or hope to own their own Restaurant, Diner or Cafe. As I think about restaurants, and how they are managed, it brings to mind my husband and how it was when we were first dating...he had worked in a restaurant and had very definite ideas about how such an establishment should be run...which I often heard about when we were out eating.

I am sure there's a LOT that goes into planning a restaurant or eatery of any kind, and how you will decorate it. How you decorate it may depend upon what type of cuisine you are offering, or your own personal likes. After all, it is your restaurant, and in order to enjoy what you are doing and where you are going every day, you will have to like the atmosphere you're in. What kind of Restaurant tables and chairs will you use? Wood? Metal? Bamboo? Something else?

Once you have your furniture, how will you arrange it? Consider windows, one of my "pet peeves" is going into a restaurant with only a couple of tables vacant next to a window where someone will HAVE to face the sun, and there are no shades to block the sun.

If you're opening a restaurant or cafe, please comment and let us know where it is! 

Updated 3/19/16


  1. Claudia,

    I think another important aspect of opening up a restaurant is how you promote it. I know this one restaurant had really good food but I only heard about it through word of mouth. They had a steady clientele of customers but they could've brought in more revenue and broadened their customer base with some promotion. Have a pre-restaurant opening and offer free samples and coupons.

    That restaurant, unfortunately, has since gone out of business and I really miss it.

  2. I have to give kudos to anyone with the vision and the will to open a restaurant. It has to be a daunting task indeed. First, you need to be an amazing cook (or know people who are). Secondly, you have to design your space with creativity and flare so as to create the perfect ambiance. And, thirdly, you need to have management and organizational skills. So, my hat is off to any and all who do!

  3. Very true, Beverly.

    Thanks you for your suggestions and for visiting my blog today.

  4. Every time I think about opening a restaurant I think of Paula Deen's book where she describes opening her restaurants and the long hard hours. I do think that has to be one of the hardest businesses, but could be so rewarding.