Mar 17, 2009

Build Your Vocabulary and Feed the Needy

We focus a lot on feeding ourselves on this blog, but how about turning the focus on those who are not as fortunate as we are for a bit. About a year ago a friend introduced me to a site that has a game that exercises your brain, expands your vocabulary, and at the same time helps feed adults and children in need around the world.

This game tests your vocabulary skills, and will help you develop them. Visit, and every time you get an answer right, 20 grains of rice are donated to needy people. When you get an answer wrong, you don't lose grains, but the score that shows how good your vocabulary skills are goes down a bit, and you get slightly easier words. They increase in difficulty as you play, and the ones that you get wrong appear again, giving you a chance to test your you recall the correct answer that was shown when you got it wrong the first time?

It's really a fun, a bit addicting, and for a worthwhile cause. I donated 1000 grains today :-) is connected to the world poverty site

Updated 3/19/16

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