Mar 20, 2009

Water, Important to Health, Conserve It

I have shared in other posts in this blog the importance of water for the body. God provided water to sustain life, most know that you can live for a lot longer without food than you can without water.

My general guideline for water intake is to drink approximately 1/2 your body weight IN OUNCES of water each day. So, if you weigh 150 lbs, you should drink 75 ounces of water each day...a little over 9 8oz. glasses of water. You can take into consideration the other things you drink, juices, etc., but remember that some things, like teas and coffee that contain caffeine act as diuretics and will push the water out of your body before it has time to assimilate, this is also true of Cranberry juice.

Water conservation is important everywhere, but in some areas more than others, thinking now of the desert regions out west and in the south central states. Others may want to conserve just to save on water bills. Take time to think about all of the appliances in your home that use water. For example, last year we needed a new washing machine, and a new toilet. We changed the washer to a front-loader and got a toilet that conserves water. But if you already have a toilet that is in good condition, but not one that conserves water, there are solutions, like high efficiency low flow toilets and conversion kits that can save you as much water as it takes to fill a large swimming pool each year. 

Updated 3/19/16


  1. Claudia,

    I've always heard about the importance of drinking water but I wasn't aware of any specific calculation. I think I heard the standard was 12 8 oz. glasses per day but what you say seems to make a lot of sense.

    Also, I wasn't aware that juices can flush water out of your body. Is it because of the sugar content and other not so healthy artificial ingredients?

    My husband and I are working on getting a front-loader machine.

    Very informative post.

  2. Hi Beverly,

    Thanks for your visit.

    About the juices, it's Cranberry Juice in particular that I was referring to, Cranberries have diuretic properties.

    Yes, I grew up with the rule 8-8oz glasses of water a day:-)

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  3. Good post, Claudia.
    I have a bucket in the shower to catch some of the water. And soapy water is great for plants because it helps discourage insects.

  4. Hi Pat,

    My Mom has done the same.

    I have always had well water, and in my mind it seem logical that the water I am using to water the garden is making it's way back into the ground and to my well's probably a lot more complicated than than, but something about it going right into the same ground on my property and not off to a sewage treatment plant seems different:-)

    Good for you for conserving, and yes, the soapy water does discourage insects:-)