Apr 3, 2009

Inflammation Causing Foods and Consequences

In my reading and studies, the connection between inflammation and health would come up frequently. Not only is inflammation uncomfortable, but it can contribute to many health conditions, including some forms of cancer.

What causes inflammation? In the following article the focus is on food, and is provided by the author of a book that I am unable to locate at this March 19, 2016 update, "The Great Cholesterol Lie"...similar titles appear at the end of this post:

The Inflammation Disconnect - How will it rob your health

We all are plagued with the same condition-what doesn’t impact our lives through health in our own bodies we tend to dismiss until the inevitable happens and it’s knocking at our door. A look at statistics says clearly that very few of us will escape an inflammatory disease and when that happens, we’re all in for the fight of our lives.

Are you next? If this seems too negative or frightening, no apologies for it’s meant to shake you into taking a good look at what you can do now before you become a statistic. While mainstream health news has yet to shout the information, it is nonetheless true-we are in an inflammation epidemic.

Something is amiss in America when the statistics of disease nearly double every two years now seeping into the health of young children with record numbers of juvenile diabetes, obesity and prescriptions for ADD. What is the common denominator? Is it in the water we drink, air we breathe, or the very foods we eat?

While we might be very tired of hearing conflicting information about the foods we eat, the latest diet craze, low-fat, no fat and now trying to understand that essential fats promote good health. Science is speaking clearly even though we might be tired of hearing another favorite foods has come under attack.

The question is-how favorite will that food be, how tired will you be of hearing this, how much might you regret not paying closer attention to foods that cause inflammation when you succumb to an inflammatory disease? What diseases are inflammatory? Heart disease, diabetes, Crone’s, depression, Alzheimers, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis an endless list of illnesses scientists and researchers have linked to inflammation.

What foods promote inflammation? Unquestionably, packaged and processed foods high in Omega-6s, low-fat foods that pack high amounts of sugar, starches and vegetable oils to name a few. If it’s in a package, it is hazardous to your health.

Don’t you think it’s time to pay close attention?

Updated 3/19/16


  1. Claudia,
    Thank you for making me aware of the this blog tour. This is sound advice and the word needs to get out. I would like for you to write some posts for my archerfitpress blog while I am off for surgery. Will you?

  2. I would be honored, Pam, please let me know when, what you'd like me to write about, and all the other fun details.

    Praying that your surgery will go smoothly and be a great relief!