Apr 27, 2009

Swine Flu, Can You Eat Pork and More

The news is focused in on the Swine Flu and being only one state away from the most affected spot in the US, I've given it a bit of thought, but am not panicking. According to a report today given by the Mayor of New York there are people going to emergency rooms and doctors AFRAID that they have the flu, but none coming in at the time of this typing that have been diagnosed with Swine Flu.

Some wonder whether it is okay to eat Pork during this time....yes, it is perfectly safe...as a nutritionist I have other concerns about pork including the fact that it carries parasites and more potential for food poisoning than other meats and needs to be cooked very well, NO pink meat...I've had food poisoning from under-cooked pork and it is NOT fun.

But Swine Flu is not carried in the meat of Pork.

For more information on the Swine Flu, and to keep track of the latest developments, visit this page devoted to the topic at the Center of Disease Control (CDC) website.

The biggest thing you can do to to protect yourself from getting sick are some of the same things that I posted as a guest blogger at another site, "5 Practical Tips for Working Sick", and on top of the list...wash your hands, and avoid greeting one another with a kiss.

Updated 3/19/16

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  1. Thanks Claudia. I think some people are worried about that.