May 22, 2009

How to Chose a Ripe Delicious Watermelon

Today I cut into my first watermelon of the season. If you were to speak to the produce department in the food store where I shop, you'd know that I'm extremely fussy about my produce, especially my watermelon! The moment of cutting into the first one is filled with a bit of excitement and anticipation...I know, it's just a watermelon, but not to me, I LOVE watermelon!

Getting just the right watermelon can be a challenge. Here are a few things I do to make sure my watermelon is just right...on rare occasions, even after following all of my own rules, once in a while I get one that isn't all that good, but for the most part, these guidelines will help:

  • Pick a firm watermelon, should not give at all if you press your fingers on it.
  • Be suspicious of a watermelon with a dull surface
  • Be suspicious of a watermelon that seems light in weight for its size, it might be "spongy" and not juicy inside.
  • Knock on the watermelon, it should sound "hollow". Best to do this after you remove it from the pile of melons. In fact, it may even have a slight "jiggle" when you knock it, if there is such a word for something other than jello :-) telling you that it contains a lot of liquid.
  • The surface of the watermelon that sits on the ground will be slightly yellow.
  • Look over the surface for any small holes and bruises, they will quickly become rotten spots if you don't cut the watermelon right away.
Well, after typing that, I think I'm ready to go and get another piece of my first watermelon of the season, it's perfect!

Updated 3/21/16

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