May 29, 2009

Natural vs Organic Meats, the Difference

When it is affordable, we like to eat as naturally as possible and make an effort to do so...not perfectly, but we do quite well. We hear the terms "organic" and "natural" all the time, and it's "natural" to assume that both mean the same thing, but they don't.

I visited a Natural Beef website today, and found their explanation of the difference between the two to be very helpful information. Here is just a short quote, you will find much more detail if you visit the site:

Unfortunately, in the minds of many grocery store managers, consumers and federal agencies like the USDA, the words natural and organic meat often seem synonymous and interchangeable. For example, as long as the crops or meat have been minimally processed and produced free of growth hormones, antibiotics, food additives and artificial fertilizers, that product often falls into the natural or organic meat category. This definition says nothing about the conditions in which livestock are raised though.

If you are someone who is careful about the foods you eat, it is definitely a challenge to discern the truth behind the claims on the can be very deceptive for the busy mother who is looking quickly and putting things into the cart with a child carrying on and wanting to get out of the store, or the busy executive who shops on the run. I like the idea of shopping for Natural Beef and other natural or organic foods online when possible, because you can do so when things are quiet and you have time to read the details.

In years since this blog was first published, the term "grass fed beef" has become popular to distinguish natural beef. 

Updated 3/21/16

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