May 3, 2009

Protecting Vegetables and Herbs from Animals

Just the other day I was looking out the window, admiring my tulips, when suddenly I realized that last year within 24 hours of their blooming, squirrels came and ate the tops right off several of the plants. So disappointing! So I went to the shed, and found my bottle of HavaHart repellent, and set the bottle to a fine spray, and quickly walked up and down the garden, spraying a light mist of the repellent on the plants. Whenever I use this natural formula, which is an animal repellent and a deer repellents I can be sure that it will work, it never has failed me yet.

We do have deer in the area, but we don't have as much trouble with them as we do with squirrels and woodchucks, and both of these are repelled by this spray. However, there was a year when we had a drought, and did have deer come down from the woods on the way to our lake, through the area I grow my vegetables, and then to my Daylilies where they proceeded to eat each tender flower of the plants. I was so very disappointed because the flowers are so beautiful.

Seek out natural products that are safe for your garden and property to protect your vegetable gardens, flower gardens and lawns, from deer, rabbits, squirrels, woodchucks, and other creatures, plus the tools to help you spray the repellents over your property easily.

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