Jun 24, 2009

16 Facts About Vitamin A

I thought that it was high time we focused in on some of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that we find in our foods. There will be posts on other topics between, so be sure as the list grows, use the "Vitamin Facts" here or below to find all posts on Vitamins.

Vitamin A Facts:

  1. As the letter implies, it was the first vitamin to be discovered.
  2. It is essential to good vision
  3. It helps promote normal growth
  4. In animal tissue, it is occurs as retinol
  5. Fish Oils are a common source of Vitamin A
  6. In plants, carotene (beta carotene) is the precursor to Vitamin A...in other words, beta carotene, the orange color in carrots and other vegetables, has what is necessary to be converted into Vitamin A by the body.
  7. Needed for health of epithelial cells
  8. Benefits the Immune System
  9. Needed for reproduction 
  10. Nursing Moms need it for lactation
  11. Helps in the formation of steroidal hormones
  12. So important to healthy skin and the tissue linings within and outside the body
  13. An antioxidant 
  14. Absorbed best when taken with fat or oil
  15. When pregnant don't exceed approximately 5,000 IU
  16. Otherwise, generally best not to exceed 10,000 IU
Updated 3/21/16

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