Jun 16, 2009

Eating Vitamin K Foods Safely when on Coumadin or Warfarin

In earlier posts I had shared about the tests and things we've been going through to address my husband's heart conditions. We are happy that the nuclear stress test did not show any blockages, however he has quite a prominent atrial flutter, irregular beats, so is on Warfarin which is the generic for Coumadin, I believe, to prevent clots from forming in the heart chambers since they aren't "emptying" properly due to inefficient heartbeats...this until the doctor does whatever he is going to do to get the rhythm back to what it should be.

The last visit to the doctor office they checked his blood levels since he is taking Warfarin and we were told to avoid Vitamin K foods.

Wee had been eating a very regular diet, which includes salad every single day consistently..and green leafy vegetables are supposed to be things that are avoided because they are among the foods that contain higher levels of Vitamin K. 

When we went for the blood level check, it was at a very good level. So in my thinking, it seemed that we should not suddenly stop what we were doing...the greens in the salad, didn't seem to be all that bad for him. We could, however, avoid things like spinach, kale, and the darker greens for a time, since we don't eat them as consistently.

We talked to the doctor about this and were told that as long as we eat these things regularly, it should be okay, as the blood levels should remain stable. Always feel free to ask you doctor whether it is safe to eat the foods you are accustomed to, especially if the food is as healthy as salad.

Updated 3/21/16


  1. I'm sorry to learn of all the things your husband is dealing with. And, although the doctors are probably right, it does seem a shame to have to give up dark, leafy greens--some of the very best foods we can eat.
    In spite of his problems, your husband quite fortunate to be married to a nutritionist who knows her stuff. I'm sure you'll feed him right and get him on the road to recovery.
    Sending my best to you both--

  2. Thank you, Eileen, appreciate your thoughts. I can make sure what we have at home is good, and that's about it, the person you are helping has to have a desire to eat right as well:-) I appreciate your concern. God bless!