Jul 3, 2009

Are You Having a 4th of July Barbacue?

We have had a few busy weekends, so have a "quiet" one planned for this weekend, except for the usual fireworks that will be set off around our lake every night for the next few nights. They already got started tonight.

I shopped today and have the place pretty well stocked with favorite barbecue foods and salad fixings, so we'll see what the weekend brings. Here are a few recipes that I've posted over the past months...years? that you may enjoy, most of them "sides" to your barbecued meat:

Quick Chicken Meal in Foil Recipe - do on the grill instead of oven

Greek Salad

Fruit Soup

Chili - goes great with a Barbecue!

A friend's "Orange Roughy Soup" Recipe

Salads we had Mother's Day that are Great Any Time!

Simple, Healthy Barley Salad

I don't think I'll be back to blog this weekend, so here's wishing you a wonderful 4th of July weekend, celebrate the things that make America great!

Updated 3/21/16

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