Aug 24, 2009

I Love Rice Vinegar and It's Uses

I always have a bottle of rice vinegar in the refrigerator, ready to use for a variety of things, and not just in my favorite oriental recipes. Let me give you some suggestions:

* You can use it as an ingredient in marinate that you make for your barbecued chicken, and barbecued vegetables.  Here is an article I wrote about my favorite barbecued chicken recipes.

* Sprinkle some on your salad alone, it has a nice light flavor, or use it in place of "regular" vinegar in your favorite salad dressing recipe.

* Are you trying to lose a little weight? Rather than put a lot of butter or margarine on your vegetables, potatoes or pasta, try adding some seasoned rice vinegar
to give it a pleasant flavor.

For health reasons, it may be good to seek out brands that contain 50% less sodium. Good rice vinegar is made from whole grain rice using a natural process that began over 200 years ago in Japan.

Updated 3/21/16

Aug 13, 2009

Sugar Shortage May Not Be So Bad

According to the media, sugar may be in short supply soon due to supply and demand, and the bad weather that areas where the world supply comes from. This leads to prices going up, and more.

While this may be a challenge for those in the food industry who make their money by baking sweet treats, adding sugar to drinks, and more, it may not be such a bad thing for the health of America.

While a little sugar now and then is not going to do much harm in my opinion, eating it in the large quantities that many do has numerous harmful affects including:
  • High's and lows in blood sugar levels cause havoc to the pancreas and organs that do the very hard work of balancing the glucose levels in the blood leading to disease like diabetes, hypoglycemia, and more.
  • Children who are given lots of sugary treats develop the problems mentioned above at early ages, and become hyperactive from the huge "hit" of energy that the body receives from the sugar in the blood....if there isn't a ready place for that energy to be used, your child may not be a pleasant person to be around.
Do I ever use sugar? Sure, a lot in the keep our hummingbird feeder full:-) The rest of the time we use Stevia or raw honey

On special occasions only we have cake, and we do occasionally have ice cream with no added sugar.
It's always best to seek out foods that are LOW in sugar...take it from a woman who's living with a husband who has struggled with Diabetes for years.

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Updated 3/21/16

Aug 3, 2009

10 Vitamin C Facts, and Colds

There was a time, and for some this may still be true, that Vitamin C was thought of as a cure for the common cold. Perhaps it may decrease the intensity of a cold, or duration somewhat if started when a cold is in progress, but it is best use as a preventative, a fact that is true of most if not all vitamin supplements. Vitamin C benefits the body in the following ways:

  1. It is an antioxidant
  2. Aids many functions of the immune system
  3. Helps in the absorption of iron
  4. Aids the synthesis of enzymes, proteins and hormones by the body
  5. Our adrenal glands need quite a bit of Vitamin C for optimum performance.
  6. Vitamin C is water soluble so passes through the body easily and needs to be replenished through diet or supplements regularly.
  7. Excess Vitamin C can cause diarrhea, you can gradually increase the amount that you take to this point, then back down to the point that this symptom stops. Some use this as a way of the body telling them how much Vitamin C to take.
  8. Don't stop taking a maximum dose of vitamin C suddenly, it isn't terribly dangerous, but is a shock to the body.
  9. It is necessary for the formation of collagen...collagen holds the cells of the body together.
  10. Bioflavanoids work in synergy/harmony with Vitamin C
This is not an exhaustive list of the many benefits of Vitamin C, but a good start! Please click the "Vitamin Facts" category for more posts on Vitamins.

Updated 3/21/16